About Hendrick Clinic

Abilene, Texas

Hendrick Clinic is a multi-specialty medical group established in 1999 as part of the Hendrick Health. We look forward to building on its success of improving health care delivery and the patient experience.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver high quality healthcare emphasizing excellence and compassion consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Principles of Purpose

The Hendrick Clinic team is comprised of physicians, clinicians, support staff, managers and administration. Together we support the vision and mission of Hendrick Health and its core values of integrity, teamwork, quality and compassion.

The care of our patients always comes first, and we recognize the importance of delivering care that is patient centered and derived from evidence-based medicine.

We believe in collaborating with our colleagues and strive for clinical excellence to promote efforts to improve patient care.

We recognize the importance of actively listening, sharing ideas and openly communicating, and we agree to abide by the decisions of Hendrick Clinic Leadership. Relationships, goodwill and mutual respect are our guiding principles.

We demonstrate commitment to these Hendrick Clinic principles through:


  • Abiding by the requirements of a 501 (c) (162.001) to have a Board of Directors comprised of Hendrick Clinic physicians
  • Ensuring that the HPN Board of Directors has authority to make credentialing, quality assurance, utilization review, and peer review policies
  • Leading by example by adhering to the administrative policies and procedures of Hendrick Clinic and HendrickHealth
  • Utilizing committees to act on behalf of the Board
  • Protecting the financial integrity of the organization
  • Addressing and debating issues in a professional manner
  • Supporting the decisions of the Board of Directors and other leadership

Administration will work with HPN leadership to:

  • Develop a strategic plan to accommodate Hendrick Clinic growth
  • Provide the resources and tools to facilitate a high quality, successful practice and excellent patient care (e.g. IT, marketing, and new programs, services and technology)
  • Create an environment of transparency with a goal of an effective and efficient medical practice
  • Encourage the participation of physicians in the process of recruiting new physicians

Patient Care

  • Creating a culture that promotes compassionate, high quality patient care, excellent service and accessibility
  • Ensuring continuous quality improvement
  • Maintaining a pleasant, positive and caring attitude to our patients and the healthcare team
  • Completing medical records thoroughly, promptly and accurately


  • Working collegially with all physicians and all members of the healthcare team
  • Treating all members of the healthcare team with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • Striving to create an environment that is conducive to transparency and sharing of information

Professional Competence

  • Cultivating professional development to advance medical knowledge
  • Remaining current in our fields of expertise
  • Complying with the standards of the Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies


  • Commitment to these principles of practice shall serve to protect and guard the interest of our patients, fellow physicians and members of the healthcare team to further the development of Hendrick Clinic.


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